d.Construct 2006

d.Construct 2006 is now over. See you next year!


Jeremy Keith with a microphoneAll the sessions at d.Construct 2006 were recorded and we'll be releasing them via our podcast over the coming weeks. In the meantime, why not subscribe to the podcast and check out the pre-event episodes hosted by Jeremy Keith.

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Jeffrey Veen 44:33
Designing the Complete User Experience
Thomas Vander Wal 45:09
Understanding Folksonomy
Derek Featherstone 48:00
Accessible Web Applications in a Post Web 1.0 World
Aral Balkan 37:56
Mash My Flex Up
Jeremy Keith 40:08
The Joy of API
Paul Hammond and Simon Willison 41:46
Web Services for Fun and Profit
Jeff Barr 47:04
Web Services: Fuelling Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
The day before 9:34
A quick chat with Andy Budd and the Clearleft office dalek. Plus some more Odeo messages.
OpenStreetMap 10:34
Mikel Maron from OpenStreetMap gives the lowdown on the workshop taking place the day after d.Construct. Also, I finally got some Odeo messages.
Barcamp 17:21
Barcamp London is taking place at the offices of Yahoo! I took some time to harrass the attendees for some soundbites.
Backnetwork 16:09
Glenn Jones from Madgex is back to talk about the wonderful d.Construct Backnetwork. We talk about microformats, APIs, and sharing data.
Roundup 11:44
Things to do in Brighton when you're a geek. Here's the lowdown on what you can expect at d.Construct 2006.
Tom Hume 11:09
One of last year's speakers discusses the mobile web and APIs.
Snipperoo 14:09
Jay Gooby and Ivan Pope talk about their new start-up. More importantly, they spill the beans on the plans for the d.Construct after-party.
Derek Featherstone 12:59
A transatlantic conversation with Canadian accessibility expert Derek Featherstone. Find out what he'll be talking about at d.Construct 2006.
Cameron Adams 10:24
The Man In Blue talks about his excellent book, the web standards scene in Australia, and the fun you can have with APIs.
Glenn Jones 7:49
Glenn Jones from Madgex software discusses APIs, programming, the Brighton scene, and d.Construct.
Jeffrey Veen 13:22
From Webmonkey to Google via Adaptive Path. Jeff Veen charts how the Web has changed and how design needs to change with it.
Aral Balkan 15:29
After his triumphant performance at last year's d.Construct, Aral Balkan is back again this year to talk about Flex 2. He's on a mission to debunk some of the myths surrounding Flash.
WSG London 11:49
The inaugural London Web Standards Group event went off wonderfully. Andy Budd and Christian Heilmann presented. I took the opportunity to talk to some of the geeks in attendance.
Looking back 11:00
In preparation for d.Construct 2006, here's a brief overview of some of the presentations from d.Construct 2005.

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